Sunday, April 27, 2014

Step out from your comfort zone!

As mentioned in my last post, I will explain the reason why I can foresee my future in the UK next year.
It's not a rocket science to guess actually, my English is so poor that they can't even understand what am I trying to say.
Yet, complaining doesn't help anything.
And thus, this is the reason why I start blogging in English :D

I know there must be a lot of grammar mistake made and sometimes you can't even get what I trying to express, but it doesn't matter.
As long as I keep trying and keep practicing, all these will not be a problem in no time.
Making mistakes now is better than making mistakes in the future. Isn't it true?
I hope you can witness my progress and my growth.
Slow progress is better than none :)

Still, I will start speaking English with my college mates from now which I should've done last year.
But it is always not too late to start, as the saying goes, "The best time to start is yesterday, and the next best time to start is NOW!"

Why will I suddenly change my attitude as to so determine to improve my English?
This has to trace back to the conversation that we had on last Friday.

Along the way we took ktm from Sentul to Subang Jaya (as we are going to the Church located at Subang), I 'attended' a 'lecture' which I prefer to name it as 'Step Out From Your Comfort Zone' lecture (It sounds weird right..?)
The one who is giving the so-called speech not others but one of my close friends.
He talked to me for like 30 minutes in English and I can't even speak a word.
Not because he didn't give me the chance to speak, but because I can't even speak out a single word!
There is an upsurge of emotion in my heart.
(In case you get me wrong, here is what I want to say:
Okay.. Do you get what I mean now? Or even more complicated? If so, I'm sorry ><

30 minutes later, I start talking or rather, English...
I felt EXTREMELY uncomfortable which he also knew about that, but he didn't know that I wanted to cry at that moment!
I want to find mama, I want to hug someone, I want to run away from there.
Lol... See... What a loser am I......

I didn't give up!
In spite of all these thoughts, I calm myself down, and start speaking out my feelings.
I admit, yes, I feel so uncomfortable owing to the fact that we used to speak in mandarin for the past 12 months.
He kept encouraging me to continue to speak out my thoughts.
Even though my English is so poor and at times NOT even understandable, he didn't laugh at me or make fun on me, being so patient to listen to me instead.

I truly appreciate what he did for me.
As a friend, he had done his part, and the following effort is solely depend on me, either to change or remain the same.
He said if I wish to, we can speak in mandarin and this conversation will be considered as if we never had before.
I said, no.
Let's continue speaking English, and I will try to adapt to it.

In fact, he has no obligation to do all these, i.e. to 'force' me to speak in English (as his English is already pretty good) and give a 30 minutes 'lecture', but he did make an effort to do all these.
Hence, I can't think of any reason why don't I change for myself.
If you do not help yourself, who else can help you?

I was inspired by him, and thus, I change.

After we talk for awhile, I felt much more comfortable to talk with him in English.
One must always bear in mind that, the time you feel uncomfortable is where the changes begin!
I'm so happy that I did make an effort to change for myself and for my better future!
He is indeed a good friend and a true friend. I appreciate it a lot.
All I can say is thank you very much and I will prove it with my action :)

"Real friends treat you as family.
They are the family we choose for ourselves."

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