Sunday, April 27, 2014

The first time I go to Church

I must write something regarding last Friday!
What a special experience for me!

I went to church, in Subang Jaya, for the very first time in my life.
It's totally different from what I thought it was.
The service that night is organised by "Strictly Students"
There are bands who rap, sing and dance.
After that we are separated into different groups according what campus we are from.
The campus leader lead us to comprehend "1 Samuel 3"

There are some values we can learn from Samuel:
- Always be prepared to answer to the God -
What I think is, not only always be prepared to answer to the god, but the opportunity.
The illustration is as below

- Obedience -
I have been done this very well throughout these 19 years.
Obey to my parents, teachers, elders etc.
Somehow I feel like a robot, but not a human being.
I do whatever my parents want me to do, even though I don't feel like doing.
Maybe I just take 'parents' as an excuse, in fact I am the only one who restrains myself in every aspects ?

-The right time-
The God will give us some signs to do something when it is right to do so.
However, I just can't get the hint sometimes.
When is the right time? When will this happens? When will that begins? Who knows?
I always put my faith in time. I believe that time will tell everything.
Just go with the flow and don't rush for things. Thing will fall in its place one day.
Everything which is worth having is worth waiting :)

All I can get are as mentioned.
Now, I'm going to talk about the people I met in the church!

I met a girl who named Bea.
She is a Phillipino(but looks like an European), was brought up in Dubai, and is studying in Malaysia now.
She is just at the age of 18 and she studies abroad!
If I would to say I'm so independent because I live alone, HOW ABOUT HER?
I'm just so admire her!
And after she telling me her ambition, I even much more admire her!
She is taking the subject called 'social science and xxx' (I'm sorry, I forgot the name..).
She wants to fight for human rights, especially for woman, and become a member of NGO in the future.
She asked me which type of lawyer I want to be?
Her question just reduced me to silence..
She said, "We must always think about what we want to be and where we want to stand 10 years later. So that we can work hard towards that direction. The vision has to be very clear." (Her English is impeccable! This sentence is interpreted by me and I apologise for the grammar mistake made.)
She is so much mature than her peers.
I love this kind of girl pretty much, and I wish to be like her one day!
Confidence, nice, sweet, true, have the courages to pursue her dreams.......
Oh ya! I forgot to mention.. Her accent is EXCELLENCE!
I hardly understand what she said for the first time, and too, she can hardly understand what am I talking about. Keep 'pardon' 'pardon'... Lol..
I can foresee my future in the UK next year! (I will explain this in details in my following post)

Another guy which is worth noting is a guy who came from America.
The way he flirts...omg.. Okay, that's not the point..haha
No room for doubt, his accent is impeccable too!
I love listening to what he said, not because he flirts, but his accent makes me feel so comfortable and I enjoyed listening to whatever he said, though I roughly get it..... ><

All the people I met that night are so friendly.
I truly enjoy myself !
I smile non-stop for 5 hours until my face cramps. Can you imagine how happy am I ?
Thank you Sharon (my college friends) for inviting me, though my mum doesn't like it much...
This is my first time and sadly, perhaps it's the last time too  :(

Here come the pics that we took last night.
I look so happy in these pictures :D

Group photo 1 (We're not ready yet!)

Group photo 2 (1, 2, 3! Picha!)


  1. Oh my I just read this after a month hahaha I'm really glad that you had such a great time and I do wish that you can join us again next time. (Bea misses you too! haha) But it's alright, let's just hope your mom will allow next time :) We will always welcome you with open arms!! hahaha btw jiayou for the assignment :p

    1. OMG! You still awake at 3:39am!! :O
      Haha! Jiayou for the assignment too! :D