Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Why do you allow yourself to be labelled by the society?

13 May 2014, Tuesday, 10am - 10pm [EXHAUSTED!]

Sharon, Jia Jing [Samantha Wong], Dylan and yihan come to Saffron and we swim tgt!
Shalin ffk at last minute TT

I don't want to swim at the first place as I have ZERO confidence of my body :(
(And this is one of the reasons why I go to gym and work so hard to earn a nice body. I just want to boost up my self-confidence!)

The society has labelled a SEXY lady (so-called sexy) to be 白富美(fair, rich and pretty)
Plus, big boobs, nice bum, snake waist and so on...
I don't have any of the above, and so I decided not to swim.
It's sad isn't it?
It's a shame isn't it?
Why do I allow all these things to determine my self worth?
Sadly, I'm indeed a slave to the preconceived ideas of what society perceived a woman should be.

We planned this one week before, and I had used the whole subsequent week to think if to swim or not..
To swim or not to swim, that is a question.

At last, I decided that, "Yes! I swim! But girls and boys MUST SWIM AT DIFFERENT SWIMMING POOL!"
When girls entered into the swimming pool, within 5 minutes, boys came ==
The first thing I want to do is just hide myself under the swimming pool until no one is there.
I don't know what's wrong with me?
They're my friends and I supposed they won't leave me just because I have no boobs no butts and no snake waist.
They came here for swimming! NOT LOOKING AT SEXY LADY!
Ain't nobody got time for that!
I'm just like 豁出去吧!有什么大不了?
Whatever. I just swim.

My mind calm down a lot when I was swimming.
In fact, I'm the only one who think to much.
Why do I let the society to label me?
Nobody really cares about how you look.
And the one who really cares about you will not judge you merely by your appearance, isn't it?

In spite of that, it still takes a lot of courages for me to get out from the water and expose the whole body in front of them.
I did it eventually! I JUST DID IT!
I'm just so proud of myself for accepting whoever I am.

We took selfies, We laughed, We had lunch and dinner together (Samantha didn't follow us for any one of the meals TT)
We had Bak Kut The (Jalan Ipoh 兴记) as our lunch, and De Pastry (Setapak) as our dinner.
My calories surely surplus and it totally not fits my macros! Lol..
But cheat once a while is ok, so long as I had a indeed great time with them! It's all worth it!

I never regretted that I swim.
I read a post on Instagram before and I would like to share with you now.
She is a woman and this is part of the articles that she wrote:
"My self worth is no longer measured by what others perceive of me. My spirit, my body and my mind are MY domain. I choose to listen to my inner voice and not the useless opinions of naysayers. I choose to be free. I choose to be me." -- Melissasarahwee
She inspires me a lot! Please do follow her on insta!

All I can tell from now is:
I love my body so much, for whatever it is. :)

Now, let the photos speak!

We're happy kid!

My hand is not enough long! Haha!

I don't know why there is so much space between us! LOL!

We're beautiful! :)

There are a lot of technics to take selfies.
One of them is:
Coz it will make your face look slimmer! HAHAHA!

I hope y'all enjoy! :)


  1. Glad to hear from u found back ur confident ! Don't worry about yourself! I believe your friend around you are love u very much and take care of you! Life is not only can deal with worry my dear, there still many challenges waiting you to deal with! For what u can do, follow your heart, tighter your friendship and bring along them to deal with your difficulties! "Live life to the fullest! " wish u all the best :) god bless you!

    1. Thank you very much my dear <3 May I know who are you?