Monday, June 9, 2014

Happiness is just that simple :)

I walked home alone as usual today.
There was two guy selling fruits by the roadside.
When I was waiting for the red light to turn green, one of them gave me a mango!
Reluctantly, I received it. 
(Coz I am educated not to receive anything from stranger..) Lol...

This is the mango!
But its shape looks a bit weird..

When I reached the guard house, a man in front of me hold the gate for me.
And he talked few words to me subsequently which make my day much brighter!

Happiness is just that simple.
Happiness is just a mango gave by a random guy.
Happiness is just a person who hold the gate for you.
Happiness is just someone who talked to you randomly.
Happiness is just that simple.

If you appreciate every moment in your life, you can feel blissful in every single second. :)

Some people make your laugh a little louder,
your smile a little brighter,
and your life a little better.
Try to be one those people.


  1. You are such an optimistic girl :) happiness is always surrounded you ! Take it easy for your life ! Keep it up and smile always! I believe you can do it :) gah yao!

  2. 人生就像你在跑步機上跑步,一旦你設了時間你就沒得停下 除非是你自己選擇放棄! 在跑的過程當中當然是很累! 可是你知道時間會過去的,最終你也是熬了過去。對吧? 在這現實生活當中,酸點苦辣是必經之路,享受并從中獲取那種不料的幸福才是真幸福~ 我知道 有時候你很不開心。 你不開心的是因為之前的事, 之前的事你能控制到嗎? 那幹嘛妳要把以前的不開心也帶著到現在呢? 你覺得這樣過得去嗎?加油吧 鄭亦柔! 我挺你哦

    1. 对!我这篇要表达的正是“快乐其实可以很简单”。其实只要懂得感恩,人生处处皆是幸福。简单,所以快乐;快乐,所以幸福 :)
      还有,谢谢挺我的你! :D